Write an essay about my dog

Whenever Tipsy is worried, he looks at us with desperate eyes that appear like he is sad. It has four thin legs. Some dogs that draw sledge are found in cold countries such as Greenland and Siberia.

It has a sharp mind and bright eyes. He has four legs,a tail and straight ears. A female dog can give birth to puppies in one time. Its eyes, teeth and nose are of peculiar type. If a stranger approaches out house, however, Tipsy can get very aggressive. They have been proved very useful for the mankind for years.

It is loved by the people because of its noble service. This essay was written in easy words for School Students Related Articles: All over its body there are short thick hairs. They communicated with the local authorities so the authorities could allow us to adopt the pet. He is happy to go everywhere with his master.

Some dogs have long tail however some have short tail. It follows me wherever I go. It is very vigilant in nature and can hear very slow sound in the night and take action soon. When I come back from school, it wags its tail with joy. It can run very fast thus fully capable to catch thieves and robbers.

He guards home, offices, and man for whole day without getting anything in return.

Essay on Dog – Man’s Best Friend

For instance in this essay, the writer has described the way the dog loves food and what it does whenever it needs to eat some food. They can take good training. Boys and girls love to play with it.

Dogs can be wild also and found in the jungles of Africa, Asia, and Australia. Wild dogs become very dangerous however pet ones are very friendly. Dogs are useful in many fields such as guard, police, army, etc. Each dog has a different nose print.

The mother dog feeds milk and takes care to all her puppies till they become independent. Dogs can catch thieves and robbers very easily through smell.

The mother dog feeds milk and takes care to all her puppies till they become independent. I always obey my order. The small size dogs are tamed and loved as darlings in the family. Intelligent dogs are trained and used by the police or army to smell the traces of criminals and also in investigation work, either indoor or outdoor.

It begins to wag its tail when it sees me. He will rush out of the house to jump on his master and welcome him home.

It is useful in doing other jobs.

My Favorite Animal Dog : Essay , Composition , Paragraph , Note

It has four legs, two ears, two eyes, a tail, a mouth, and a nose. Originally dogs are the breed of wolves. He gives respect to his master. Nothing will induce him to leave his master.Dog Essay 1 ( words) The scientific name of a dog is Canis lupus familiaris.

It is a domestic animal. It comes under the category of mammals as it gives birth to a baby and feed milk. Most people said that dogs are man's best friend and a great companion. They had been domesticated ever since the beginning of time.

They are different breeds of dogs throughout the whole world and in this essay that I"m writing about, I"m going to compare and contrast three unique and one of some kind types of dogs that I chose to write about/5(6). Topics Essay / Paragraph / Note tags Dog, Dog -The Domestic Animal, Dog-The loyal Animal, Essay of Dog - smart animal, Essay On Dog, Essay on My Favorite Animal Dog Charmin Patel A 21 Years Old Guy Who is Blogger and Digital Marketer by Choice and Student of Chemical Engineer By Chance.

Five-Paragraph Essay Model Essay Title Paragraph 1: Introduction Topic Sentence (Main Idea of your paper) Example Sentence #1 My Dog, Romeo My dog, Romeo, is the best pet anyone could have.

Short paragraph on My Pet Dog

He is beautiful and easy to care for. Playing with him is. Short paragraph on My Pet Dog. My Pet Dog. We keep pets for pleasure. Some people keep dogs as pets. Others keep birds, pigeon or rabbits as pets.

Pets are like our family members. They are carefully fed. Short Essay on Dog (animal) and its Features; Short Moral Story of the Dog and the Wolf. Jul 15,  · My Pet Dog? Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog I have a pet dog. I named it Doggie.

Doggie is a white coloured shepherd dog. it is very lovely and It always licks my cheek. Doggie had been trained before ehile it is in the pet dog. i liked your essay it was very interesting to read after reading this essay i am gona sure use the .

Write an essay about my dog
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